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Drafting By Hand
About Us

DBH was an effort by a small group of students who sought professional experience before they graduated. We are still a small company but we ensure our products to be of up most quality.

Our Business Philosophy

This company was originally created for students who wanted some professional experience before they graduated and moved on to architecture, engineering or drafting professionally.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with professional quality products for less money.

Our Company

Our company is a small business owned by Rusty Harrington who was the original founder. We have found that remaining small has worked well for us because it gives us a chance to spend more time with our families and friends.

Our Employees

Our products can only be as good as the employees who make them. Here at DBH we are proud to say that each employee is capable of meeting our company's standards of quality. As said before, we have three goals for each product: Fast, Cheap and last but not least Quality! Each employee is capable of providing each of these standards while gaining experience all the while!